Treasures for Charity

Here at Treasures eConsignment we are all about sharing the blessings.  If you have a favorite charity that is of interest and you’d like to consign your designer labels and gently used fashion items and furnishings to earn $$$ for it, Treasures is the place.  We will turn your treasures in cash for the charity of your choice.  Bring in your items, set up a membership, and name your charity.  They will receive the commissions check from Treasures in your name.

Marleys Mutts

Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center

Family Life Pregnancy Center of Tehachapi

THS Warriors Booster Club


“Gift of 7” Program

When you consign with Treasures you have the option to earn $$$ for yourself or a charity of your choice. However, we have added an additional selection allowing you to participate in our Gift of 7 program.  This is based on a donation system we have created at Treasures eConsignment to assist men and women who are getting back on their feet. This can be in response to many different causes; health issues, fire, loss of a primary support, unexpected pregnancy, etc.

We will provideGift of 7 Certificates to all the participating local charities to share with those in need.  With eachGift of 7 Certificate shared, we hope to give back a bit of love and kindness for the abundance of our treasures. With the certificate, the recipient can enjoy a shopping experience at Treasures eConsignment at no cost to them or the gifter.  They can browse through the racks and pull from any of the “75% off 5th generation tags of the month” to fulfill their Certificates for 7 items at no charge.

Know that you can make a difference by consigning with Treasures eConsignment.  Whether your designer items have sold or have been gifted by you, you have made a difference in someone’s life.

The gift that keeps on giving!

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.”   

Matthew 6:19